The Under $60 Weekend Outfit

What do we love even more than a great budget outfit? A great budget outfit we can pick up with virtually one-stop shopping. This casual weekend look, for example, is all Walmart (seriously!), save the clutch from—but, thanks to the Norma Kamali line, doesn’t look like we bought it at Walmart.

Snakeskin Clutch, $24.00,
Silver Lizard Print Flats, $7, Walmart
Norma Kamali Skinny Leg Jeans, $15, Walmart
Women’s Deep V Cardigan, $12, Walmart
Norma Kamali Organic High Fashion Tee, $6, Walmart

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  1. BarkingDogShoes says

    I found the cutest bright magenta swing cardigan at Wal-Mart two weeks ago for $15. The brand is GEORGE. I’m not sure if it’s ok to link to a post of me in it (not my blog), but here it is:
    I’m going to go over and look for those skinny jeans!

  2. Budget Babe says

    i begrudgingly went to two different Wal-marts and neither of them had the norma kamali line! what a bummer

  3. moshimoshi says

    i love this outfit! its incredible how the majority of this outfit is walmart. super cute & budget friendly find =]

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