True Confessions: My Entire Outfit Cost Less Than $100

Shop summer sales. Let’s face it, it’s barely past the Fourth of July and everything summer is way on sale. There is still a lot of summer left and there are tank tops, flirty skirts and strappy dresses (not to mention sandals) on sale everywhere. The caveat here is to choose with discretion. Look for must-have pieces to fill in your classic wardrobe, or one trendy piece to jazz it up. Outfit: I.N.C. sleeveless print top from Macy’s: $36.99, white linen skirt from Buffalo Exchange: $14.99, Jessica Simpson sandals from Nordstrom: $38.90 = $90.88

Summer accessories are simple. A great pair of sterling silver hoops and a stack of turquoise and silver bangles keep me going in the summer. I’ve had them for years and they just seem to fit with a little tan and showing more skin. To me, that’s what summer’s all about, so I don’t stress about accessorizing. Target is a great place to pick up inexpensive fashion sunglasses, earrings, scarves and more if you feel the need. Outfit: Black t-shirt dress from H&M: $14.99, print scarf from Target: $14.99, wedge sandals from Marshall’s: $29.99, sterling silver hoops from Target: $29.99 = $89.96.

Good taste is priceless. I’ve always said that if you have good taste you can shop anywhere. And I mean anywhere. Trust your eye and go into any bargain-hunting situation with confidence. If there’s a treasure there, you will find it.

One final thought– attitude is everything. Keep those shoulders back, chin up and walk in like you own the place. After all, you look great and you are shopping smart. Whether you are financially strapped or not this summer, take the challenge–what perfect summer outfit can you put together for less than $100?

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  1. Mia says

    Canary yellow one sleeve T-shirt from Walmart $6.00, Faded Deim Cut-offs from Walmart $11.97, Red Flats from Walmart $8.00, Red Bangles from Walmart $4.97, Red Hoop Earrings from Walmart $4.97, Black Oversized Sunglasses from Walmart $8.97, Red Beach bag from Walmart (clearance) $2.00… Total – $46.88. Under $50 and includes tons of accesories… Dont be affraid to shop at walmart people, clothes can get stained, torn, shrunk etc… so somtimes cheaper is better.

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