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  1. says

    I guess it’s because I have wide feet, but I usually can’t fit those gel pads underneath the ball of my foot without making my foot feel “crammed” in the shoes… 

    So what my friends & I do for those long nights out when we’re going to be dancing all night, is take thin moleskin (sold in rolls at Target, etc.) and cut it in shapes to stick to the bottoms of the balls of our feet.

    You’d be amazed at how much it helps.

  2. Ninjarina says

    Just go to your local pharmacy and check it out.  If those are not cutting it and you need something more heavy duty, a good thing to do is check out a dance supply store/website.  Us dancers (mostly en pointe) have been improvising padding for a long time.  What you can find for regular shoes, we have the same except a sturdier.

    Foot pedals makes lots of good things for shoes and are available at Target.

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