Ugg Boots: Readers Respond to the Future of Uggs

The emails have been pouring in response to Alyssa Wodtke’s essay on the demise of the Ugg. The comments tend to have a distinct West Coast vs. East Coast vibe—with a majority of folks from the West still loving the Uggs and a majority of folks from the East wishing that they would fall off the face of the earth. I find this to be interesting because you would think Easterners would love Uggs because they are both comfortable and warm. Maybe West Coast folks love them so much because they don’t HAVE to wear boots. It’s like your parents said the time you came home with your first pair of Doc Martens—if you had to wear them, you wouldn’t want to put them on your feet.

To be honest, I wear my ratty two-year old Uggs with pride. They keep my feet warm, especially when it is well below the freezing mark and they are so comfy. However, I’ve decided to put my Uggs out to pasture at the end of this winter.

Here is what our readers had to say:


From Chenai in LA
Sorry Alyssa, I’ll have to disagree with you about Uggs being “over”. 

First of all, they’ve been around forever, they just recently became trendy.  Being a confirmed stilletto girl, never have I had such comfortable functional shoes (tall black Classic style, I swear, it’s like my feet are encased in little comfort cocoons. And every week in US Weekly, all the starlets are still wearing em—know why?  Because at the end of the day, they are cute, casual, & are a perfect fit for LA’s fashionistas’ laidback vibe. You look hippie cool w/o trying too hard.  And you can walk around forever in these, they’re the perfect shopping shoes when you don’t want to wear flip-flops or sneakers.

The UGG isn’t going anywhere for awhile yet, & I don’t care what anyone says, I’m still going to sport mine. 

Sarah from DC

Goodbye Uggs…

I am so overjoyed that the masses are finally starting to get the fact that Uggs are ugly and so over. I own a shoe store in DC and it’s been hard, for almost 1.5 years, to stomach the unfortunate querry “do you have uggs?” I hate when people would tell me “you’re missing the boat…” hardly! If you live on the beach and they serve your surfing needs, great. You don’t see people wearing the bathing suits around, do you? Leave the uggs behind too.

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