The Case for Ugg Boots

I have a confession to make that may cause me to be excommunicated from the fashionista club.

I want a pair of Ugg boots.

Yes, they’re horrible.  Yes, they’re one very tiny step above moonboots.  Yes, they’re little more than overpriced moon boots.  But they’re warm, comfortable and don’t rub the emerging bunion on my right foot.  Apparently Pamela Anderson, the consummate connoisseur of furry shoes and tattooed men, and I have something in common after all.

Why I Love My Ugg Boots

Now, I thought a pair of “inspired” Uggs at Old Navy would satisfy this strange shopping need.  But unfortunately, the “inspired” version wasn’t as fluffy inside as the real thing.  I turned to eBay to see if I could find a pair of “real” Uggs in my size for less than $100.  At their height, I bought a pair off of eBay for $25 (they were used–my friends couldn’t believe I wore a pair of used shoes but secretly wished they had a pair, too).  The only colors available in the Amazon women’s size 11 category were pink and a very scary shade of periwinkle blue.

Last fall, I bought a pair of black sparkly Uggs (you can see them in action in my personal style video) that I practically LIVED in (and they look it).  Since I sweat sequins and my feet are always cold, it was a boot match made in heaven.

So, am I crazy to want a pair of Uggs?  I’d like to think that Uggs are so far out that they’re back in.  Is this just wishful thinking?  Do you think I could get away with wearing them to NYC fashion week in February?

Yea or Nay: Ugg Boots?