A Concerned Reader Speaks out about Ugg Boots

An angry email from a dedicated reader…..

Dear Budget Fashionista,

Your article “Five Things To Throw Out Of Your Closet Right Now” failed to mention the appropriately named “Ugg boot”. The low rise jeans (even though you look like a plumber when you bend over) and the little jelly shoes (at least that is what we called them in the 80’s) can stay, but the boot, must be thrown onto the back porch next to your snow shovel (only to be used again during the next storm.)
As my comments are crucial to the survival of foot fashion I can only hope they are published.

Thank You
Dedicated “everything should cost less than $3” shopper and supporter  

Dear Dedicated Shopper and Supporter,

Please accept our apologies regarding the Ugg boot oversight in the February Fashion Trends Newsletter. We received several e-mails from irate Ugg lovers, including a very bitter pregnant reader who wished us nine months of swollen feet. Fearful for the existence of our Manolos, we backed off.

You have my word it won’t happen again,

Warmest Shopping Experiences,

The Budget Fashionista

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