Want Ugg Boot? Try These Five CHEAPER Alternatives for less than $75

The Deal: Want Ugg boots, but can’t afford the steep price tag? Check out these cheap Uggs  alternatives, all for less than $75 at Zappos.com

The Lowdown: Uggs are ugly, but they’re also incredible comfortable. The word “comfort” is the key here, because you’re not buying Ugg boots because they’re cute, but because of their functionality as awesome winter boots. So, DO NOT pay $150+ for a pair of brand name Uggs, and score a pair of “Ugg-like” boots online at Zappos for less than $75.

Our Picks:

Ugg Boots

1. Fitzwell – Leah (Black Suede), $57.66
2. Bearpaw – Victorian (Gray Suede), $64.90

Ugg boots

3. Gabriella Rocha – Udell (Black), $53.96
4. Dingo – Furry Boots (Dark Brown), $56.70

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  1. Mel says

    I have yet to find any Ugg alternatives that are anywhere close to being as comfortable as the real thing. Will have to check out 1,3, and 4.

    Don’t waste your money on Bearpaws. They are actually painful to wear!! The inside is not soft at all and rubs the back of my ankle raw (even with socks).

  2. Alaethea says

    Gosh, I’ve had just the opposite experience with Bearpaws, Mel! Sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad time of it!

    My Bearpaws have a lug sole and a 12″ shaft. Lined with shearling, they’re warm and comfy in the winter :)) The only downside is the fact that there’s no arch support, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!

  3. says

    uh yeah i looked up “uggs ” and when i said uggs i ment REAL uggs yeah you think i am dumb on the back it doesn’t say uggs it says bear paw not fooling me!

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