TypeF Site Review: Does ‘F’ stand for Fab or Fail?

There’s been some hype around Tyra Banks’s new site TypeF, so we new it was time to give it the TBF analysis. We started by watching Tyra’s welcome video, which certainly didn’t disappoint in the way of the kooky, fun woman we know and love. TypeF, according to Ms. Banks, won’t simply spit information at you, but will tailor its content–the ‘it’ looks and all that stuff you grab from fashion mags–and make it about and for you.

Our Review: A lot of fashion and online mags have some helpful ‘How-To’ content, but are for the most part centered around fashion news, fashion trends, what looks great on a celebrity and how amazing that (super unaffordable) frock is on a model parading down the runway. And though there are models on TypeF, the site integrates real women into its content and makes your experience really interactive.

How, you ask? Well there is a totally customized section of the site where you put in your basic information (hair color, body type, skin type et al) and it recommends content for you to read. For example, we personally have volume issues. No matter what product goes in our mane, it falls flat. TypeF provided us with like ten different articles to read specifically on that issue and all we did was click a button about our particular hair concern.

Even if you don’t want to create an account on the site there is still lots of content for you. TypeF is divided into various categories: Beauty, Fashion, Video and Tyra (yes, there’s a lot of her but it is her creation, after all). We were definitely won over by the genuine utility of the articles like, “Easy Ways to Apply Liquid Eyeliner” or “What Shoes to Wear With a Red Dress.” There’s also designer info, daily looks from the users of the site, how to shop various styles, makeup video ‘How-To’s” and more.

So we’re down with the site, like seriously, it’s really good, but we don’t like how the only way to register is through Facebook. We don’t have any desire to share our page surfing on ‘The Book’ and so, why can’t we sign up just using our email? Well, you win some, you lose some.

Verdict: This is a great resource. It’s genuinely useful and we really dig how the overall goal, according to Tyra herself, is to make you feel amazing every day. We’re all about that.

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