Twilight Makeup In the Works

What: We saw this coming from a mile away… DuWop, a newish cosmetics brand (you can shop for it in all major beauty stores, though), is rumored to have a Twilight makeup line in the works. DuWop is the self-proclaimed inventor of the lip plumper, and is also responsible for Robert Pattinson’s bee-stung lips, his trademark look in the teeny bopper vampire romance. We assume the line will debut along with New Moon or shortly afterward, and include a “bloodier” version of DuWop’s best-selling Lip Venom.

What We Say: Twilight seems to be one of the best things to hit the fashion world of late. We can’t imagine this will be anything more than a fad seen in the hallways of high schools and middle schools, but we do wonder if this means that everyone will try to achieve uber-plump lips that would make Angelina Jolie proud.

What are your thoughts – just plain silly, or sexy potential?

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  1. whitney_322 says

    I have used DuWop Venom for years and is one of my makeup must haves.  It works the best of the lip plumpers.  I have recently discovered cinnamon oil which works well, but I love the Venom.  Twilight is a great marketing ploy, but buy it now before the teenagers swipe it all or they raise the price because of the twilight association.

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