Yea or Nay: Turbans?

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Turbans used to be the fashion domain of old school divas like Eartha Kitt and Leotyne Price. However, we’ve seen quite a few D.I.Ts (Diva’s in Training) rocking the cover head look this summer and models walked down the runway during Prada’s Spring/Summer Fashion show in turbans that cost more than your mortgage. Is this trend here to stay? If so, should it be allowed a place in our closet, right next to our wide belts?

Yea or Nay: Turbans

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  1. naadii says

    hell to the nay-no!  turbans are for old ladies!  this model definitely reminds me of sally field in the movie soap dish when she declared “…turban?!?!?!  i look like gloria f@#!ing swanson!!!!!”  for those of you who don’t know, gloria swanson is like the turban queen.

  2. hsk says

    In the words of a horse …. NAY, NAY, NAY!!!
    Only if you are a true singing diva, Or a fashion model, or you have (heaven forbid) cancer or some other disease that took your hair. That’s pretty much it in my opinion…Maybe too if you just got out of the shower and are lounging about the house.
    Otherwise Ohhh Brother

  3. kelly says

    They are not for me.  If it’s part of your religion or ethnicity then rock it out but they make me look terrible.

  4. Rachel says

    NEVER!!!  I have a wierd shaped head and I think they would look horrible on me.  Some things are better left in the past.  I don’t care who’s wearing them, they are definitly not for me!

  5. says

    You remember the OutKast video Bombs Over Baghdad? You remember Andre 3000 rocking the big furry boots and the turban in that video? If you do, then you’ll know why I vote nay. I still associate turbans with Andre 3000 or old African-American church-goers (like my late grandma) who wore turbans to cover up the fact that they are losing their hair.

  6. Felice says

    Nay! The only women who wear turbans are either over 75 or Hasidic. I’d venture to guess that TBF readers are neither.

  7. anna says

    NO!!!! they are ugly, and not everything that is in fashion is stylish… or flattering. just because it is trendy doesn’t mean it is going to look good on you

  8. Rhonda says

    NAY!  Maybe I’m biased because I worked with chemo patients for 3 years but this just says “hairless wonder” to me. The chemo patients had more taste though.

  9. jj says

    Full scale turbans?  Not so much, they look stuffy and pretentious.

    But I’m really loving more casual, “little Edie” style head wraps these days.

  10. Erica says

    I like the turbans. I think they could look chic on the right person. The one on the left looks a bit wierd but I liked the Prada ones. If I find one I would wear it!!

  11. Nancy B. says

    NAY NAY NAY!!!!

    Unless it is part of your religion or you are a chemo patient or someone else who has lost her hair (even in that case, a wig would be better), a turban should be reserved for wet, just-out-of-the-shower hair.  NEVER should a turban be worn in public!!

  12. LM says

    I work in a cancer hospital so I also have to say, NAY!!!! they are for sick people or Hasidic women..that’s it!!!

  13. Allison says

    They either make people look incredibly old, or like they’re going through some horrible chemo.

  14. normadesmond says

    The whole idea of the turban is for people to adapt it to their own style, not wear it chemo-patient style. Always surprised at the sheeplike devotion to a silly trend like white Wayfarers or ballet slippers worn out on filthy city sidewalks, while same trendsetters don’t get something that can be truly made individual and memorable. Turbans, head wraps, the babushka scarf, the Ingrid Bergman type scarf, hats, all part of the same concept. Such a cool change from stick-straight long hair or bedhead style. Yay!

  15. T says

    Nay! Following a trend is following a trend so those with turbans are no more style daring than those who wear ballet slippers. At least ballet slippers are cute and bring a feiminine quality to an outfit while turbans do nothing but show that someone is trying a bit too hard to be “different”.

  16. Tracy says

    I like the turbans, headwraps, and general head decorations coming this fall. I think people should try it before they knock it because some people look really good in them. I personally recommend trying to tie your own head wraps and head scarves, its really not that hard and makes it more you. =)

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