Try This: Inspiration Boards

Lori Pickert runs a blog dedicated to Inspiration Boards for your home office, sewing room, kitchen, workspace, or any place you call your own.The board above is by Meg Rooks and displays her love of children’s books and illustrations. So ask yourself—what inspires you?

The boards are beautiful and easy to make, so they’re perfect for inspiration on a budget . Here are some tips on making your board your own on a budget.

1.  Pieces of cork are cheap and easy to find at craft stores, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. Cut yours into a unique shape or frame it with an old frame found at a garage sale.

2 . Antique stores often have old magazines and unique postcards for sale from anywhere from $.50-$20, browse for some inspirational finds and affix them to your board.

3. Display what you collect. The board above displays a unique pin collection and old cards.

4. Think pins. Often second-hand stores will sell earrings that need a mate,  costume jewelry, or hat pins for under $1, use those as unique pins.

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