True Confessions: I Wear Headwraps Because I am too Busy to Comb My Hair

People always ask me about my headwraps —how cool they are, why do I wear them so much. Now, I could do a super long explanation of how I spent over 3 years living in Western and Southern Africa and how it is an homage to all the wonderful Aunties and Sisters that I met there…



Kathryn Finney Confesses: I Wear Headwraps Because I’m Too Busy to Comb

The truth is, that I hate spending more than 20 minutes getting ready in the morning. I don’t understand why I must pay $200 bucks (I live in NYC) to get my hair “did.” I stopped getting braids after it took me over a year to grow my hairline backs after one unfortunate braiding experience.

I once read that President Obama has 20 versions of the the same two suits (dark blue, dark gray), to limit the number of unnecessary decisions he has to make in a day. For some reason that really struck a cord with me. As busy women, we have to make a bazillion decisions before breakfast, why do we spend sooo much time on our hair?

So now I have two basic hair styles—either a headwrap or an “instant weave.” I use two scarves—one black and multicolored (shown above) and one white, with a basic black print. Instant weaves are $20 hair pieces that cover the back of your head, leaving your hairline exposed so you can blend it into the piece (thus making it look like your natural hair). You can purchase them from any “black lady beauty store” and, yes, my white friends now use them as well.

So, I am a black woman who literally spends less than 2 minutes on my hair every morning and no one, until now, knew the difference.

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  1. donalda says

    I hear ya. That’s why I have locks, and when I don’t have time to groom those I will use a wrap or a headband for work. But I also wear wraps because they are a beautiful accessory that expresses pride in my African-American heritage.

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