50 Trendy and Plus-Sized Costumes for 2010

What: Halloween is coming up and there sure is a whole lot of fun costumes to wear. To help us have the fun but still stay on the budget CouponSherpa.com has compiled their list of 20 plus-size Halloween costumes and 30 trendy getups for Halloween that are filled with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor. Great news is that most are inexpensive and can be easily made with items found around the home or at a local thrift shop.

Their list of 2010′s hottest costumes includes:

  • Vuvuzela Guy/Gal (World Cup Fan) – Remind partygoers of the world’s most annoying instrument by stringing a series of the plastic horns together, hanging them around your neck and wearing your favorite team’s colors.
  • Betty White (Comeback Queen) – This riff on a classic old-lady costume can be spiced up with second-hand sports trophies. Adorn them with labels like “Betty White: MTV Best Kiss Award.”
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock (The New Ro-Sham-Bo) – The concept is simple: Grab some friends and decorate white t-shirts with your chosen symbol from the quirky “Big Bang Theory” game. Don’t become separated or run the risk of looking absolutely lame.
  • Tony Hayward (BP CEO) – Sport a yachting outfit and carry a black, oily substance to randomly spill on unsuspecting revelers. Afterwards, deny all allegations and mumble things like, “I want my life back!”
  • Old Spice Guy (Advertising Phenomenon) – Isaiah Mustafa’s musk-scented manly-man is a cinch if you have washboard abs and a deep, sexy voice. Wrap yourself in a towel and carry a bottle of Old Spice. (Or paint a t-shirt with abs and fake it.)

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Photo Credit: Coupon Sherpa