Trend for Less: Wide Leg Pants


We’re so excited that wide leg pants are in for spring, so we can stop wiggling into our skinny, and sometimes skin-tight, jeans and let our legs breathe for a little while. Not only are wide leg pants comfier than their tighter counterparts, but they also work well for those of us with extra junk in our trunk, by creating a straight line from our hips to our ankles.

Here are our best bets for reasonably-priced, wide leg pants.(And by wide leg we don’t mean frumpy sweat pants or parachute pants.)

Ruff Hewn Women’s Wide Waistband Pants, $28.69, from Bonton

Wide-leg trousers, $39, from Newport News

Wrinkle and Stain Resistant Pleat Front Twill Pants, $19.99, from Just My Size

Wide Leg Metallic Pants, $39.00, from Spiegel

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