Trend Alert: Geek Chic


High waisted skirts and pants are back on our bodies, and with shows like Chuck and Bones on TV, you knew it wouldn’t be long before Geek Chic moved into our homes.

Smart is fashionable, and there are a lot of fun, quirky home items out there that can make your house into a stylish shelter for smarties. Here are some budget-friendly items that can add humor and smarts into your decorating. Also, they make great gifts for the nerd in your life.


$10 Period Table Magnets from Think Geek.


$32 EVA Vynl Shower Curtain from 3R Living. It is made from a more environmentally friendly plastic that is produced without chlorine and it comes in multiple options, such as the solar system and weather.


This iPod click-pad is actually a coaster! At $5.99, this product from USB Fever is my favorite, plus the $2.99 Christmas shipping isn’t so bad either.


These figurines from Uncommon Goods ($18 each) feature such great thinkers as Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin and you can fill their bellies with treats. I recommend leaving the Gandhi belly empty.


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