Tree Free Journals: Recycle This

Even though most of us journal, email, and do everything else on a computer screen these days instead of paper; there is still something special about taking out your beautifully bound notebook and quill and going to literary town. Sadly, some trees died for our right to write and that makes us a little less enthusiastic as we sit down to outline our musings. And we love trees! Unfortunately, no matter how good it might feel, it’s just not the same turning over your used printer paper and giving it three staples to the spine.

The next time you pick out a beautiful book for yourself or for a (very thoughtful) gift, check out Tree Free Journals at 3R Living. These eclectic books are made with recycled cotton rags, handcrafted by artisans in India. Writing on recycled cotton rags may sound, well, a bit lumpy, but these innovative ledgers are smooth as a moleskine.

And the cuteness factor doesn’t hurt either. Pick from three styles/personalities:

Indie Guy/Gal Birds in Queue

Do-gooder – United Children

Goofy Pal – Friends are Fun

For $14 a pop you should just get all three and be ready for the next impromptu birthday party or flash of genius that must be written down right now.

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