Yea or Nay: Tracy Reese for The American Legacy Foundation, $35.00 at


tracey reese avon
Tracy Reese for The America Legacy Foundation, $35.00 at

Pro: 100% of the proceeds goes to an admirable charity- The American Legacy Foundation (the TRUTH people) to help promote smoke-free living. And you all know how much I loves me some Tracy Reese…..

Con: The shirt is so ugly that it makes me want to take a drag (and I don’t smoke).

Tracy Reese for The America Legacy Foundation: Yea or Nay?

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  1. Christianne says

    I love this shirt(my Mom sells Avon so I already saw it.) But, I don’t dig the back of it. And I think it’s a bit young…oh well. I won’t be ordering it.

  2. Samantha says

    The cause is great, yes, but you’re right, the shirt is hideous. Maybe they have more, less ugly clothing available? I’m all for promoting smoke-free living, but .. Wow, do I sound selfish?

  3. Ellen says

    Er, why does it make me think of Contempo Casuals?

    Ms. Reese is too talented for this….I mean, the Avon lady wouldn’t wear it!

  4. Jeanine Guidry says

    Hmmmmm…… I actually like the shirt…… I love black and white and I like that it’s an unusual pattern – it’s not the greatest shirt I have ever seen, but I would definitely wear it….. and for a good cause? For me, definitely a YEA.

  5. Melissa says

    I think I am saying nah on this one if it has all the saying on the back I would not like that. The front is not too bad maybe in the real it looks different but,I’ll pass Thanks

  6. says

    I really like Tracey. I interned for her back in college (more than 10 years ago) and she was so talented and down to earth…and talented, I know I said it twice.

    I say Yea for the charity—but Nay for the styling. Although – being a designer myself, projects like this you are often at the will of the charity for a number of reasons…including the final product.
    I won’t let its ickiness color my oppinion of her as a designer. Although it’s being modeled by a young woman, it’s certainly not targeted to her.

  7. Delilah Pearl says

    That shirt is awful! I know it’s for a good cause but I can’t bring myself to even look at it. I have to say Nay!

  8. Bridget MCort says

    I really like the shirt front (not thrilled there would be writing on the neck on the back) but it doesn’t come in plus sizes so I can’t order it – but I would.

  9. Camille says

    Oh Gawd No! That shirt looks like I designed it. And honey lemme tell you that ain’t saying much!

    I still Love You Tracey…But No!

  10. Karie says

    I love this shirt! Anyone who doesn’t like it must be in there thirties plus. This shirt is more for women in there twenties. Very hip, very stylin! I would totally ware it.

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