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The Lowdown: Now that we’re all hopelessly dependent on the Internet to function in our day to day lives (okay, maybe that’s a slight overstatement, but you get the point) the next big thing in websites seem to be those that send us alerts on all the information we need without us even having to actually search the web. That’s the idea behind, which emails or texts you updates in a variety of categories—everything from entertainment, to travel, to real estate, to crime in your neighborhood. Oh, and shopping—which is why we’re bothering.

Our Review: Right out of the gate, we were frustrated—viewing this site on Internet Explorer, it all looked fine but after we created our account and tried to add things to track, we hit a dead end. Turns out, at least on this day, the site only worked properly in Mozilla, so keep that in mind. Moving on …

The site itself is a little over-whelming, to be honest. When you read the “About Us” section, it’s clear those behind it are more techie than lay-person … apparently the service is “advanced algorithms that provide a layer of intelligence.” Um, we haven’t thought about algorithms since 11th grade algebra, so, again, moving on … All we really want to know is does the site work. We added some “tracklets” to our account, and we liked that under the “shopping” category we found coupon tracklets that allowed us to pick categories and specific retailers we want alerts from, including lots of our budget favorites like Forever 21, Banana Republic, New York & Company, and more. We also like that if we refer friends and they join, we get credits that add up to gift cards to save us even more.

The alerts themselves? We signed up for e-mail only, and within 15 minutes we had e-mails with coupon codes for some of our favorite sources including and Nice.

The Verdict: We’re all about being alerted to the latest deals without having to lift a finger. The site is a little broad and slightly confusing on first glance, but once you’re set up, it’s a Yea.

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