Track Your Carbon Footprint on Your Phone: Go Green

We’ve already told you about how to calculate your home’s carbon footprint online, but some ingenious inventors in England have created new software for Noka N-Series and Blackberries that track your personal carbon footprint as you travel, according to an article in The Guardian. The software can detect what mode of transportation you are using using GPS. The software is cleverly called Carbon Diem. The software calculates your the amount of carbon dioxide a journey has emitted into the atmosphere. It automatically, constantly keeps track of a person’s carbon emissions so they can always figure out which mode of transportation is most eco-friendly for them.

We’re so excited about this new software! Being conscious of how we get from place to place will help us lower our carbon emissions and having a gadget, that’s always in our purse or pocket, calculate it for us is priceless.


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