Is Your Nail Polish Toxic?

Earth Day is just around the corner! In appreciation of our earth (and pretty nails!), butter LONDON has teamed up with BrandHabit, a website that helps consumers track down boutiques carrying their favorite designers and must-have-items, to get people to “Turn in Their Toxins“.

The use of toxic chemicals in nail products has long been the standard in the United States, sadly. Many beauty companies have built successful businesses on this unmonitored practice. The cost of using Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP is cheap. The cost to your health might not be. These chemicals can cause cancer, birth defects, respiratory problems, neurological damage, the list goes on. Are pretty nails really worth THAT?

But…but…we love the new shades of purple that are so this year! Lucky for you that butter LONDON wants to help people to go green and banish deadly toxins from their home for Earth Day!

How does Turn In Your Toxins work? From April 15th – May 15th head to a butter London retail location or one of thirty participating boutiques in the U.S. (visit this website and search for participating retailers near your zip code) and turn in 3 nail polishes that contain either Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP. They don’t have to be new, they could be old crusty polishes you’ve had around for years. You will then receive a free butter LONDON “3-Free” lacquer. No strings attached!

With over 40 different colors to choose from, it should be no trouble at all to find a “3 Free” nail lacquer to replace those harmful polishes. butter LONDON is a nail company with a “green” philosophy. They believe in colors not carcinogens!

We’re going through our nail polishes as we write…

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