Our Top 7 Topshop Picks For Tall Girls

The Deal: Tall Girls Find Some Love at Topshop.com

The Lowdown: We talk a lot about plus size and petites, but there’s another special sizing group — the tall girls — that deserve some love too. While petite girls can frequently have things taken up and/or in, garments tend to have little additional fabric to let down or out, severely limiting the options for the very tall girls among us.

Topshop gets it, and while the selection isn’t huge, it is stylish and versatile, from dress pants to jackets to denim to dresses and skirts. And yes, the pricing is at the top end of our definition of “budget”, but many of the items (a black peacoat, for instance, or a tweed A-line skirt) are classic enough to qualify as investment pieces that will work in your wardrobe year after year.

Shop: Topshop.com

Our Picks:

Picks For Tall Girls

1. Tall Leopard Vintage Fur Coat, $190
2. Tall Ultimate Peacoat, $125

Picks For Tall Girls

3. Tall Lace Leggings, $40
4. Tall Wide Funnel Bomber Coat, $100

Picks For Tall Girls

5. Tall Scoop Neck Vest, $12
6. Tall Indigo Baxter Jeans, $80
7. Tall Belted A-Line Skirt, $70

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  1. zenzele says

    OMG!!! I have a vintage coat just like that, which I bought for $15 a few years ago. Almost sold it at my yard sale last weekend for $5, but the arms were too short. Talk about dodging a bullet – I’m keeping this one!

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