Topshop: Not Just In Manhattan?

Topshop is officially opening shop in SOHO (in New York City), but plans are underway for several more US stores.

According to WWD, Topshop is looking at opening at least 2 more stores in Manhattan, as well as stores in Las Vegas, Boston and Miami. Interestingly, and much like it’s chief US competitor H&M, Los Angeles was not on the original expansion list.

It’s like the fashion world is punishing LA for the Ugg.



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  1. April says

    Okay, if I used the acronym “LOL,” which I don’t, I would use it right now. Punishing LA for the Ugg—that is just too freakin’ funny. I hate those shoes, unless you wear them as house shoes, which you know, is how they were intended to be worn.

  2. jaimie says

    Please, please let TopShop come to DC!  I had to hold myself back in Ireland last year, because I knew the exchange rate (even then) was going to kill me.  But with one in the States?  I might as well just sign my entire paycheck over to them.

  3. says

    I think I know what the problem is…chains like Topshop, H&M;, and Zara are European-owned and to them, the West Coast is so far away it may as well be on another planet.  They always expand to NYC first and slowly drift westward.  Zara opened in Costa Mesa in 2004 or 2005, at least a decade after it opened in NYC.  H&M;will finally open a store in San Diego in 2008, three years after the first store in California (San Francisco) opened.  The only reason why Vegas gets stores is it’s the #1 tourist town in the country.

    Say what ye will about UGGs, but notice not even wealthy, fancy-pants San Francisco is on Topshop’s list either.  Ditto for Seattle.

  4. Kevin says

    I really hope Topshop/Topman will open in San Francisco, hopefully before they expand to LA. Much like H&M and Zara did. I hope we get a Uniqlo also. I love how greenfairie refers to us San Franciscans as wealthy, fancy pants, haha.

  5. Tina says

    um, so glad that i live in NYC!! ; D
    actually, zara, h&m, uniqlo and topshop are all on the same side of boardway in soho. within 3 blocks. 0_o

  6. (: says

    rofl, I wish living in San Francisco made me automatically wealthy, or something. it’d be pretty amazing.

    yet I think another Topshop is well over due on the west coast. Because even though apparently we’re “wealthy, fancy pants” I’m not exactly traveling to Europe very often, if at all.

  7. Cami says

    Please open one in San Francisco! I recently came back from Madrid, Spain and went into the Topshop there. It was amazing! I would love to see one near me! :)

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