Topshop Heading to States with Kate Moss Line at Barneys

From FashionUnited

Topshop is preparing to take its fast and directional fashion formula to the US, starting with the collection designed by Kate Moss. The collection, which will debut at select Barneys stores across in the States, consists of a 91-piece line designed by Moss, so says The Sunday Times. Topshop owner Sir Philip Green said the US move would be the “ultimate test”. “The deal with Barneys will enable us to learn and give us a toe in the water,” he told the newspaper.

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  1. Mojo says

    I’m aching for Topshop.. I love that store. I think one was supposed to open in New York, not sure if it still is, but I’d love if one opened in Boston as well :) So yeah, this is good if anything related to Top Shop is leaking in over here in the States.

  2. says

    I am wondering about the pricing. Top-Shop is a high-street store, and cheap in the UK. Barneys as we all know is not for the girl on a budget… Top Shop is a competitor of Zara, Banana and Ann Taylor and I think placing their products in Barneys is just out of place.

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