Top Winter Fashion Trends For Less

Are You Down Or Puffed Up?

This ultra-lightweight puffer jacket can be packed in an attached bag and slung over your shoulder, assuming you can part with the warmth.
Uniqlo sells an ultra-lightweight, down puffer jacket that can be packed in an attached bag and slung over your shoulder—assuming you can part with the warmth.

A nice streamlined look in outerwear comes from down-filled, puffer jackets and coats. Uniqlo has super light-weight puffers that can be a  squeezed into a very small bag that comes with the puffers. With the wide range of colors you might  buy one to wear and one to go—budget permitting. They sell for $69.95 each.  Puffers have something called channel quilting, which means the garment looks like linear wrapping around the body. That’s good because it gives a very tapered, slimming look.

Can We Get a High Thigh for Boots?

Thigh-High Boots
Courtesy: Nordstrom November 2013 Parties and Presents Catalogue
Thigh-high boots paired with a gown make a statement.

Thigh high or over-the-knee boots have gained  traction as a best-of-winter look. Tom Ford in his Fall 2013 collection sent models down the runway with the long boots. Many of the over-the-knee boots were the same-eye-popping, wild  patterns as the skirts hovering over them. Nordstrom dramatically captures the gown-high-thigh-boot look in one of its recent catalogs.

Thigh-high boots flashed down the runway in Tom Ford’s Fall 2013 fashion show.

While the price of designer over-the-knee boots is not even on our budget radar, Kohl’s prices for thigh high boots are right in our range, starting at about $65.

There’s always a debate over whether it’s tacky to wear boots with gowns or fashionably bold. Please tell us what you think.

Main image courtesy of Garnet Hill

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