How to Find an Awesome Summer Dress

It happens every year around this time: whilst sitting at your gray cubicle, you start daydreaming of summer vacation, walking along the beach or strolling strolling across a cruise ship in the most beautiful summer dress (it’s okay to admit it; we have the same daydream). Now there’s a ton of dress options out there (Maxi vs Short, Sheath vs A-Line, Floral vs. Bright Colors) and it can be hard to choose which one is right for you, so we’ve put together a little guide to help you figure out Here’s what you need to know.

How to Find an Awesome Summer Dress

Stick to your budget
Know what you plan to spend and choose retailers that usually carry dresses in your price range. If not, you’ll end up walking into an expensive store and falling in love with a dress you can’t have– and there’s nothing more depressing for a summer fashionista than that.

Know Where to Look
Just like you, each retailer has a specific style. You can sometimes find a dress at a store you don’t usually shop at, but more than likely, you’re going to find your perfect summer dress at a retailer that carries what you envision. For something trendy and metropolitan, try Express and Zara. For a beachy dress, we love the website for Victoria’s Secret. And for something chic and timeless, check out LOFT. If you’re not sure exactly what to look for, we recommend Target (especially the Calypso St. Bart collection) and Kohl’s, where you can find a wide range of collections and styles.

Keep it Simple
Once you’re in the dressing room with all your summer dress options, narrow it down to the simplest, most versatile choices. After all the work you went through to find it, you’ll want to be able to wear your dress all the time, so stick with solid colors (particularly neutrals), non-fussy silhouettes and minimal embellishment and embroidery. A dress like this will work for almost any summer occasion.

Make it Yours
We know the idea of a simple dress may have disappointed some of you. After all, you want to make a statement with your dress, and we understand that. But would you rather make the same statement every time you put on your detailed dress, or make a different statement through accessories? Think of your dress as a canvas, and dress it up depending on the occasion. We love butting a braided belt over an a-line dress or adding a floppy hat for a more “put together” look. Get creative with accessories, because it’s much cheaper to buy several of those for one dress, than to buy several dresses for all your summer venues.

Choose the Style That Fits Your Body Type
When deciding between maxi vs. short or prints vs. color, always make sure the style is proportionate to your body AND your lifestyle. For example, if you’re petite look for a maxi dress that has a straighter bottom as not to overwhelm your body. If you’re plus size, make sure to choose a print that is in scale with your body ( you can use your hand as a measurement tool).

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  1. Katie says

    I LOVE how you have dress selections underneath the article. That really makes this even more personal and you pick such cute styles! Thanks so much for sharing.

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