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What: Women’s Wear Daily recently reported on the top online stores. Notice that all are budget-friendly stores. Also,  it appears that offline stores are starting to make some series gains online and that the sites of catalog companies like Coldwater Creek, LL Bean, and Lands End have successfully made the transition online.

From WWD:

“What we have noticed is that bricks-and-mortars are definitely closing the gap and becoming more competitive in the online world,” said Larry Freed, president and chief executive officer of ForeSee Results Inc., an online satisfaction research firm.

The Top Online Shopping Sites

1. eBay
Total apparel and accessories purchases in July: 2.98 million
Average spent per buyer: $35.83

Total purchases: 663,000
Average spent per buyer: $177.74

Total purchases: 568,000
Average spent per buyer: $68.65

Total purchases: 305,000
Average spending per buyer: $62.15

Total purchases: 271,000
Average spending per buyer: $122.40

Total purchases: 263,000
Average spending per buyer: $76.48
Total purchases: 259,000
Average spending per buyer: $182.71

Total purchases: 253,000
Average spending per buyer: $60.50

Total purchases: 204,000
Average spending per buyer: $98.89

Total purchases: 200,000
Average spending per buyer: $84.26

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  1. Mally says

    Yay for for budget-friendly online shopping! I know Target’s on this list as well. I didn’t even consider Ebay. Great article.

  2. Maria says

    It’s not surprising that eBay is #1 on the list for the sheer volume of merchandise they sell.  I’ve bought clothing on eBay, and you can find some great deals IF you’re willing to take a chance (since very few sellers on eBay offer a return policy).  But if you know your size and are willing to take the risk, eBay can be a goldmine.

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