Top Five Under $50: Black Lace Trend

One of the best times to pick up pre-fall items is during the mid summer sales, which are going strong because stores are having a hard time turning over (ie “selling”) their stock. That means you’ll see “new” trends that really are just rehashed versions of old trends. Case in point Black Lace, which was a trend last year and continues to be a big trend for Fall 2010. Even though the Black Lace trend isn’t anything new, we still love it because it adds a bit of feminine detailing to and otherwise very basic color. Not sure how to wear it? Pair it with a pair of jeans and a cute blazer.

TBF Picks for Black Lace Under $50

Black lace trend

1. Lace Back Draped Neck Top, $39.50 at Express
2. Vera Moda Lace Dress, $25.26 at
3. Lace Cami Body Suit, $34.50 at Lane

Black lace trend

4. The Little Black Dress, $24.80 at
5. Sheer Lace Puff Sleeve Top, $34.00 at

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