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It seems like everyone and their mommas (and grandmommas) have a blog. Blogging has become as popular as, well, writing in a diary. So my friend Dee and I selected a few of our favorite fashion- and shopping- budget related blogs. Now of course, our favorite blog is The Budget Fashionista, but there are other blogs we like as well. Here’s just a few . . .

Dee recommends:, a unique site with a lot of street fashion pictures. The site has good reviews of products and is great for the inside scoop on product purchases.  They even allow you to create your own stylediary. For general style updates and critiques, check out ClothesHoarse and Cool Chiq.

For a more international perspective, check out Tokyo Street Style or follow a Fashionista as she travels the world in search of the perfect item at I am Fashion.

For accessories, Dee likes and, which gives you an overview of multiple styles of bags. The Chicago-based Bag Blog blog is very willing to answer your questions regarding the perfect laptop bag, unusual finds, and baby bags. Other interesting sites are, In My Bag, which contains well-written reviews of high-end designer bags with retail prices and commentary on relative value, and BagCrazy. For shoes, the Manolo blog is the blog to read for more information on the ever popular luxury shoe. 

For an insider’s perspective on fashion, consider logging on to blogger Anina’s site, an international model who blogs about her life, giving a “personal point of view on fashion.”  Also, follow designers as they talk about their work and lives. Erin blogs about the development of her Parisian couture line and new ready-to-wear line, while Lizzie in Seattle shares insights about her business and shopping escapades. 

Kathryn recommends: I read a lot of blogs, but I have a few favorites, like the up-and-coming fashion blog MissyJ, a great fashion blog written by a college student in Singapore, who has a strong international perspective on fashion.  I can spend hours on shopping blogs like, which is like a cornucopia of great products.  I’m also a huge fan of Go Fug Yourself, the ultimate celebrity fashion- beat- down blog. I pray to God that I don’t end up on this site.  For those who are into gossip, forget about mags like Us Weekly and head over to gossip blog Gawker– for the internet’s version of NY Post’s Page Six.

Update 10-03-2005
Since I first published this guide, I’ve gotten tons of recommendations and emails from bloggers wanting to be included in the blog. I’ve sorted through the good, bad, and the down right ugly added some of my favorites to this update. First, there are some blogs that I read on a relatively frequent basis like the adorable fashion oriented blog,Kiss Me, Stace and one of the original purse blogs- Purseuing, that I just plain forgot to include. Please forgive me Ella and Julie. I also forgot to include one of my favorite make-up blogs written by one of my favorite make-up artists, Elke Von Freudenberg. I interviewed Elke for my book and she gave me the most amazing tips on Budget Beauty.

There are some new blogs that I was recently introduced to like the ultra snarky Lainey’s Gossip blog and the infamous Pink is the New Blog, both which make the bloghers at Go Fug Yourself look like Ms. Manners.

Update 1-02-2006
Due to the amazing response to this guide, we recently launched Project:Blog, a shopping, fashion, budget blog portal that connects blogs with readers. If you have a blog, feel free to enter it by heading to the Project:Blog site.

Update 1-17-2006
I have two new sites to add to this list. The first,, is a great resource for those of us who want more detailed information on how to successfully manage our limited funds. On the totally other end of the spectrum is the Daily Luxe, which features movie trailers, album reviews, and a whole bunch of other things to spend your money on.

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