Gray Nail Polish
Speaking of black nail polish, dark neutrals and neutral metallics are still in, but the newest neutral color for your fingertips is, yes, gray. Not a big shock considering gray has been the color for fall/winter the last couple seasons and continues to be a huge presence this year—but we’re always up for a new way to wear it. We suggest N.Y.C. Nail Polish—which offers plenty in the gray-to-silver range on the cheap—available at Wal-Mart, Target, wherever.

Purple Nail Polish

Purple appeared on the fall hue radar a few seasons ago, but rather than being a here-and-gone trend it’s kind of become a fall staple. This season, we like dramatic purple fingertips—which is always a great way to don a trendy hue without having to spend a bundle. It’s all about the drama, so make your nails eye-catching (in other words, skip sweet lavender shades and go for something bold—like this Sally Hansen Nail Color Pen in Purple.