Top Fall 2009 Beauty Trends: Hair

Now that it’s August, it’s time to start thinking ahead to fall. We’re less worried about raking leaves and more concerned with bigger issues at hand—like how we should be boosting our beauty routine to suit the season. Fortunately, the fall runway shows and style powers-that-be have given us plenty of hints as to what we should be thinking beauty-wise in the cooler days to come. Our top ten trends to try:



side swept2 Top Fall 2009 Beauty Trends: Hair

The 80s are back in full-force.  This fall, the 80s-obsession translates into sideswept hair—think volume, messy waves, and the ultimate in asymmetry (excluding Kate Gosselin’s reverse mullet, of course).


Messy/Loose Ponytails

messy pony tail Top Fall 2009 Beauty Trends: Hair

Fall usually means sleek, sophisticated ponytail styling. Not this year. The messy, loose, softer ponytail is the pulled-back look of the moment, a trend that will make transitioning from summer to autumn—while still looking pulled together—just that much easier. Give the look a little extra edge by keeping the hair smoother on the scalp and let the ponytail be the tousled focal point.



waves Top Fall 2009 Beauty Trends: Hair

Beach-y waves don’t have to end at Labor Day. For fall 2009, boost them up to rock star status. Forget smooth, structured waves—think finger-combed and morning after. A center part will keep more 30s Louise Brooks than 90s Tiffany, and a smoky neutral makeup palette will keep your big hair from competing with stoplight red lips for all the attention.


Edgy Hair Accessories

bow headband Top Fall 2009 Beauty Trends: Hair

With all the long, dramatic hair on tap for fall, we’re particularly pleased with the trend towards chic and edgy hair accessories—because they work on short hair too (not all of us were blessed with lush flowing locks, or the extra cash to purchase them, natch). You can go just about anywhere you like, but for cute options that will cost you the least dough, we’d recommend Forever 21—where we found this Long Side Bow Headband for $3.80