Top 5 Shorts Under $50


Whether you’re aching to show off those fantastic legs of yours, or you’re not really all that warmed up to the idea of wearing shorts, no matter how warm it gets outside (they’ve always been way unforgiving of your figure), we’ve got a very chic collection of budget-friendly shorts right here. And they just may get you rethinking this often overlooked clothing item. Shorts can be worn out on the town, and they’re not always dull when they’re denim. See for yourself with this selection. Afraid of baring too much? Wear a long sleeve top and you’ll feel comfy out and about.

Alexander Wang Khaki Pleated Shorts, $39.99, from the Gap”>Alexander Wang Khaki Pleated Shorts, $39.99, from the Gap

City Style Floral Camo Shorts, $12.47, from New York & Company

Catch My I Dress Shorts, $24, from Dillard’s

Sailor Short, $29.99, from Express

CK Denim Shorts, $23.09, from Lord and Taylor

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