Tomato Soup: Budget Grocery Tip

The Martha Stewart empire continues. On her daytime show, Martha recently announced a new line of Kirkland Signature Martha Stewart products available at Costco, including tomato and minestrone soups.

If you can’t make it to Costco, here is the recipe for the tomato soup. Easy and family friendly, the soup is great with a wedge of bread. Tip: use an immersion blender instead of the stand blender for less mess and fewer dirty dishes, and the best-quality organic (such as Eden Organics, $1.79 for a 15-oz can) or home-canned tomatoes for a fresher, more vibrant taste.

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    Heirloom seeds bring back ‘character’ to the vegetable garden.  They are rather like elderly relatives – not quite up to date, but add interest to the party!

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    Actually, heirloom plants have great flavor and have been honed by years of growing and adapting as opposed to genetic and chemical engineering.

    Their flavor is more full and they are better at adapting to the local climates. In her book ANIMAL VEGETABLE MIRACLE, Barbara Kingsolver talks a lot about heirloom seeds and the benefits they provide. So they are more than just your grandma sitting on the porch telling you how things used to be.

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