Yea or Nay: Toe Cleavage

So I’ve received about a billion emails about this topic. On one hand, I think a limited amount of toe cleavage can be sexy (especially if your guy/girl has a foot fetish). However, too much toe cleavage can be a little out of place in certain more conservative environments like church or work. Then there are some fashion experts, that believe you should show no more than two cleavage (or cleavi? what would be the plural of cleavage?).

What do you think? Toe Cleavage: Yea or Nay

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  1. says

    I think a limited amount of toe cleavage is sexy especially when the outfit is conservative. However, when combined with three or four other sexy wardrobe items (i.e.: tight mini, cleavage baring top, overdone make-up), it can look trashy. I especially like toe cleavage in low heels and flats because it isn’t as overtly sexy as stilettos.

  2. says

    Well, this pale as Casper the friendly ghost gal won’t ever have toe cleavage ‘cause toe cleavage and hose is just plain wrong (my bare legs scare people).

  3. deandrea says

    I think the appropriate amount of toe cleavage depends on the height of the heel.  Low heels or flats allow a bit more cleavage than high heels…however, in flats, toe cleavage can be too casual rather than too sexy

  4. jj says

    To be honest, I think it just looks sloppy and ill fitting.  I’ve never understood AT ALL why anyone would think it looks in the least bit “sexy”.  Strappy sandals, maybe… toe cleavage NO!

  5. hsk says

    I don’t get the big deal at all that surrounds toe cleavage. I never even heard it was scandalous at all until this blog… It’s just TOES people..
    Who really gives a whoop…We’re talkin T O E S
    Do we really need to police that?

  6. cc says

    @jj, I totally agree.  I’d have to say about 98% of the people I see with their toe cleavage out just look like they’ve jammed their feet into too small shoes.  I deliberately find shoes that don’t show it off.

  7. says

    I’m not a fan of toe cleavage. It’s not as gross as butt cleavage but I don’t think it makes the foot look any better. I actually think it makes a foot look stuffed in.

  8. Becca says

    I don’t have a strong opinion on whether toe cleavage is sexy or not, but jamming your feet into shoes that look too small is definitely unattractive, I’d say. I can’t imagine walking anywhere in the shoes above.

  9. says

    My two cents…I can’t comprehend how toe cleavage is AT ALL scandalous or worthy of discussion.  It makes zero sense to me either way.  Some shoes are cut to expose toes, some aren’t, whether its cute or not depends on the look/style of the shoe…

  10. Eleanor says

    I think the plural is ‘clefts’.  And I think it looks nice if the rest of the foot is fairly slim.  For a wide foot, not so good.

  11. cathy says

    I think shoes that show toe cleavage just look like they don’t fit correctly or like you have freakishly long toes. Not a good look.

  12. Mandarine says

    There are very few shoes that create flattering toe cleavage.  More often than not it seems to look unintentional, as though the shoes are cut badly or don’t fit properly.  Occasionally toe cleavage between the big toe and second toe looks alright, but if it appears between any of the other toes it just looks like your foot is about to pop out of your shoe.

  13. John V. says

    I for one have a major foot fetish and say that toe cleavage is sexier way sexier than breast cleavage. So go for it ladies!

  14. John V. says

    Speaking as a man with a major foot fetish I have to say that toe cleavage is sexier than breast cleavage so go for it ladies!

  15. Susan says

    haha well since I don’t have ANY cleavage up-top… i am ALL about the toe cleavage!!! just as long as it doen’t look like your shoes don’t fit… that’s not pretty.

  16. Tracey says

    I find shoes to be sexy but not feet so cleavage or no cleavage matters not to me. I think that like any part of the body if it’s adorned incorrectly it can look ghastly but I’m not seeing the big issue here.

  17. Pamela says

    I have two pairs of shoes that show toe cleavage, that’s out of about 30, and I love both pairs.  I think there’s a trick to doing it right: wear the shoes as the sexiest thing in your outfit.  Everything else should be toned down.  Then again, one pair is bright red leather, and the other is green snakeskin… hmmm… I think my theory is flawed.

  18. Jugi says

    I don’t think “toe cleavage” has anything to do with looking sexy, or over-revealing – by that logic, flip flops would be the sexiest thing out there.  I just think it looks sloppy, like your shoes don’t fit right.  I refuse to buy shoes that show toe cleavage.

  19. Janet50 says

    All us ladies can agree that our feet are very important in how we look.  The lower the cut in our shoes the better, toe cleavage is very sexy and i own at least 9 pairs and flats and pumps that show alot of toe cleavage.  Bye

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