Tires into Playgrounds: Recycle This

We first learned about recycled tires being used in playgrounds from a daycare provider. Her home was a veritable playground for children. Tiny tables and chairs filled the kitchen, colorful little sleeping mats were piled neatly in the corner of the living room. And the backyard! What we wouldn’t have done to have a playground like this when we were children!! But what was that at the base of the play yard? Not tanbark…not sand…No, she tells us. Recycled tires.

Whoa! How cool is that?

What a fabulous use of all those leftover tires. Loose playground cover made from ground recycled tires has a tested fall height of over 12 feet. Neither wood mulch, sand or pea gravel has the same safety factor as this. Recycled rubber tires is one of the safest playground covers that you can buy.

To learn more, read this excellent article from

Image courtesy of Davis Rubber Company.

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