Update Your Look: Tips for Wearing Colored Eyeliner

Still wearing black eyeliner for every event, season and mood?  I was, too, until it felt, well, boring.  To liven up my look, I started wearing colored eyeliner and I’m thrilled to report: I’m in love.  I’m able to brighten up my look without looking like a showgirl or like I just stepped out of the 80s.

I admit, switching from black made me nervous.  Would wearing colored eyeliner make it appear like I was trying to relive my high school years or taking up clown lessons?  Then I remembered my “who says?” rule (who says wearing patent leather shoes with a patent leather purse is a no-no?  Who says wearing white after Labor Day is a horror of horrors?) and got my bold on.  Have no fear.  Who says ladies should avoid or worry about wearing colored eyeliner?

Like many things in life, too much is just too much (clown comment above).  So, before engaging in a colored eyeliner frenzy, take a peek at these tips, including some from fashion and beauty expert, Tai Beauchamp.  She’s the Style Ambassador of InStyle, an on-air style expert for shows like “The Today Show,” “The Wendy Williams Show,” CNN and TV One.

Tips for Wearing Colored Eyeliner

1. Be yourself.  While the eyes of that supermodel on every other magazine page may be intriguing, ask yourself: would I wear the look to work?  To the store?  Be realistic with your style and don’t force a teal and orange cat eye if it’s not your thing.  ”When I’m feeling more daring,” Beauchamp says, “I may mix purple and green to create a turquoise color.”  Know what works for you and stay within your comfort zone.

colored eyeliner blue Update Your Look: Tips for Wearing Colored Eyelinervia kuuipo1207 / Flickr

2.  Mix things up.  In a post I wrote last year about holiday style tips, the beautiful Beauchamp gave this advice:  “Black eyeliner is expected.  Why not try something different by wearing black liner on the upper lash line and a navy or violet on the lower lash line?” Her suggestion was what motivated me to break into the world of colored eyeliner and ever since then, I’ve been hooked.   Have fun – mix things up  by breaking away from the (yawn) expected.