Tips on Making This Year a Green Christmas

Holidays can pose a challenge to the environmentally-minded- disposable decorations, twinkly lights, and chopped down trees. It’s hard to get through the holidays (and find a parking spot at the mall) without having to feel eco-guilt on top of all that stress. So here’s a list with some easy green changes you can make this holiday season

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    All GREAT ideas! A few others:
    See if you can rent a tree. More cities have this service. In the Seattle area, where we live, you can rent a tree that is later planted in a public space. What a win-win-win!

    Instead of buying new decor, host a decor swap. Trade the reindeer that you’re sick of for a snowman collection! You can do the same with toys. What fun for kids to swap toys. You can cut down on the numbers you feel you need to buy with new-to-kids items.

    We love ecards too, but if you’re going to buy cards, look for seeded ones that can be planted after, 100% recycled cards or cards made from treefree papers like elephant dung (odorless and very cool), sugar cane etc.

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    I’ve got a great + super simple tip. The next time you’re purchasing a gift card– go for the electronic (and paperless) option, an eGift card. Each year, 75 millions lbs of PVC is dumped into landfills from plastic gift card waste (Plenty Magazine). That’s an astronomical amount of waste for something that can easily and conveniently be sent virtually. PVC is notoriously difficult to recycle and cannot be tossed into the recycling bin along side your other household items. You must send those pesky plastic cards to a PVC recycling plant, the only one I know of is EarthWorks. For a directory of retailers that offer an eGift card, try …it is the most extensive one I have found to date. Hope that helped. :)

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