Tips for Cutting Halloweeen Costume Costs


What: Halloween is coming up and it’s time for costumes, wigs, decorations and more which means additional expenses for us. To help us with our budget, consumer savings expert, Andrea Woroch shares with us some tips on how to help cut our costume costs for the holidays.

Tips for Cutting Halloween Costume Costs

1. Browse your closet for costume creations. Old clothes and even curtains and sheets can be transformed into festive attire. Unworn shirts can be cut up for a sash or vest, a bridesmaids dress makes a great princess or harem girl costume and an oversized orange sweatshirt is the perfect pumpkin for your child. Be creative & browse the internet for DYI ideas.
2. Search thrift stores for inexpensive costumes and accessories. Buying old clothes not only saves money but also helps green-up the environment. Don’t forget to look for used costumes on the internet at Craigslist or eBay.
3. Use online coupons for costume savings. Sites like RetailMeNot and Promotional Codes, offer excellent coupon codes.
4. Organize a costume swap. Get with friends to trade kid and adult costumes or coordinate a swap within your neighborhood or at your office. Not only will others appreciate the money-saving idea, but you’ll likely score a great costume for free!
5. Buy next year’s costume at extremely discounted prices after Halloween. Start saving for next year now and shop after the haunting celebration to score anywhere from 60 to 80% off of costumes and accessories.

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