Tina Knowles Launches Line for HSN

Who: Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mama and the woman behind her “Barbie in Vegas” look launches a fashion line called Miss Tina for “Forgotten” women ages 30-50 on the Home Shopping Network.

What the fashion heads say: WWD—“….I love the fact that the sizes go all the way up [2 to 24],” (Tina) Knowles said. “There’s a forgotten woman who wants a pencil skirt, too, or a blouse that’s a little lower cut. BeyoncĂ© has backup singers who are full-figured women. Being a woman over 50, I try to think about the things I have going for me and the things I want to hide, like my arms. I’m giving them options with shrugs. I’ve been a stylist for so many years, I know how to accentuate the positive.”

What I say
: I’m all for offering more options to the “grown and sexy” fashionista, but Mrs. Knowles has a reputation for going a bit over the top with her designs, with a tendency for a more gaudy than fashionable look. Plus the price points are high- from $39 for a t-shirt, $250 for a suede hobo, $150 for a pair of boots.

Also while we can appreciate the nod to sizing (sizes 2-24) and to age, the philanthropic spin that is being put on this and other celebrity backed lines is a bit condescending . Like Sarah Jessica Parker and the Bitten line, it makes business sense to target your line to a wide ranges of sizes. However, I can see Mrs. Knowles actually wearing some of the clothes from her HSN line on the red carpet and for that, I’m totally willing to give it a try.

Turn in to HSN on August 15th to learn more.

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  1. says

    What “philanthropic spin”? I don’t see that in either the Bitten lines or this one. Catering to a range of sizes is a (smart) business decision, yes, but it has nothing to do with charity.

  2. TBF says

    The Philanthropic spin is that these celebrities are doing us all a BIG favor by creating lines in a range of sizes or in a price range that most women can afford.

    What it does do is make excellent business sense and I give them crazy props for that. But don’t tell me it’s because you’re doing good- like broke and/or plus size women are charity cases…

  3. christal says

    I will definitely check this out.  Mama Tina has crazy style.  Yes she is flashy but I appreciate the fact that she tries to keep it sexy.  But you should have known that the prices was going to be high…House of Dereon is outlandish.

  4. lulu says

    Hey, cool. I like some of her “House of Dereon” stuff. I bought this super sexy bag from her with a lot of embroydery. It wasn’t flashy at all. Quite stylish actually, it was a very nice creamy dark blue. It’s really original and goes with anything, plus it’s a definite eye catcher. I’m not a fan of Beyonce, I think she’s pretty overrated, but some of the clothes are nice.

  5. anna says

    for 39 bucks for a top I could get a mid level designer top on clearance at loehmanns or maybe even more. p-shaw… as if I would ever buy it

  6. Amy says

    Does this mean we can look forward to pushy stage-mom clothing lines from Dina Lohan and Lynne Spears next? Enough already! Beyonce herself is far over-exposed as it is—now we have to hear from her Mom, too? OY.

  7. says

    Tina Knowles is a beautiful woman, isn’t she?

    Doesn’t she design for the House of Dereon too?

    I’d be interested to browse the new line for something stylish for my mom.

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