Tina Knowles Launches Line for HSN

Who: Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mama and the woman behind her “Barbie in Vegas” look launches a fashion line called Miss Tina for “Forgotten” women ages 30-50 on the Home Shopping Network.

What the fashion heads say: WWD—“….I love the fact that the sizes go all the way up [2 to 24],” (Tina) Knowles said. “There’s a forgotten woman who wants a pencil skirt, too, or a blouse that’s a little lower cut. Beyoncé has backup singers who are full-figured women. Being a woman over 50, I try to think about the things I have going for me and the things I want to hide, like my arms. I’m giving them options with shrugs. I’ve been a stylist for so many years, I know how to accentuate the positive.”

What I say
: I’m all for offering more options to the “grown and sexy” fashionista, but Mrs. Knowles has a reputation for going a bit over the top with her designs, with a tendency for a more gaudy than fashionable look. Plus the price points are high- from $39 for a t-shirt, $250 for a suede hobo, $150 for a pair of boots.

Also while we can appreciate the nod to sizing (sizes 2-24) and to age, the philanthropic spin that is being put on this and other celebrity backed lines is a bit condescending . Like Sarah Jessica Parker and the Bitten line, it makes business sense to target your line to a wide ranges of sizes. However, I can see Mrs. Knowles actually wearing some of the clothes from her HSN line on the red carpet and for that, I’m totally willing to give it a try.

Turn in to HSN on August 15th to learn more.