Tin Can Cascading Glitter Lantern: DIY


The name we’ve given this project sounds terribly complicated and flashy, but the process is easy and rewarding. We first came across the project on Craftbits.com and decided to put our own sparkly spin on it. You can do it over and over again to create a veritable lantern garden in your bedroom or bathroom, or do it once to add that little something extra to an already great space. This project is cheap and you probably have a lot of the materials laying around your house already.


Lantern supplies
Tin can
Oil based enamel paint
Votive candle

How to make it:

1. Clean the tin can thoroughly, removing any labels.
2. Fill the can with ice and water and freeze it. This is so the can doesn’t dent later.
3. When it’s frozen, carefully make holes in the can using the nail and the hammer. Have someone else hold the can securely so it doesn’t slip! Make sure the nail goes completely through the metal. Pull it out and repeat. We didn’t follow any pattern and decided to place holes randomly, but feel free to experiment. Take a look–

Hammering holes in tin can

4. When your can is sufficiently hole-y, run under hot water and remove the ice. Dry thoroughly. Correct any dents made by the ice on the bottom of the can using the hammer.
5. Paint your can with the color of your choice. Don’t let it dry completely because…
6. It’s time to add the glitter! Concentrate a line of glitter around the rim of the can, and shake glitter lightly around the rest of it, creating the illusion that glitter is “raining” down.
7. Drop your votive candle inside and light it when the paint is completely dry.

Finished tin can lantern

You’ll never know that our can used to hold Chef Boyardee ravioli! We hope you have a fun and safe time creating your lantern.

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  1. Down Pillow says

    I agree on the timing savings – we always buy in the pre-fall and save big. Watch for plants and flowers that have issues – sometimes they are left over for a reason :-)

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