Tigerbow.com: Site Review

We’ve seen all kinds of shopping sites, but Tigerbow.com is kind of a new breed, and we’re not sure how we feel about it. Here’s the deal: you want to send someone a gift, but you don’t have their address. You do, however, have a virtual address, in the form of e-mail, Twitter, Facebook profile, etc. At Tigerbow.com, that’s all you need—pick your gift, supply the virtual address, select a payment method, and Tigerbow does the rest. Which could be handy, or could be stalkerish, but we’re not here to judge the senders—just the site.

Our Review: Well, when we went on the site we were greeted with a bare-chested David Hasselhoff (on a greeting card, natch) which didn’t exactly make us feel all warm and fuzzy about our first visit. Pressing on, however, we perused all the categories, including flowers, food, books, movies, etc., on readily visible and easy to navigate tabs for quick navigation. The selection is limited, though in the FAQ the owners of the site say that they’re hard at work adding more stuff all the time. Good plan.

The prices? A bit high for some things, like food items ($74 for a Popover Kit Basket Deluxe, in which the recipient still has to bake their own popovers? Hmmm.). Other items, like cards, books, and movies, are more reasonable—meaning comparable to what you’d pay at the local Target or Walmart—but having said that, we can’t think of any person we’re following on Twitter at the moment that would need a copy of Danielle Steele’s latest tome. But that’s just us.

The Verdict: For ease of use and innovation, we’ll say it’s a Yea, but with reservations. We’d like to see more varied (and creative) gift choices, but all in all, if there’s someone you’re Facebooking with that you simply MUST send flowers to, Tigerbow.com makes it easy.

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