To be quite honest, I no longer believe in buying new clothes. Why spend $100 on a pastel-pink Lord & Taylor shirt with gold Victorian-style buttons when you can get it (new) for $5? Thrifting is shopping in a collective grandmother’s closet; if you dig deep enough, you will find rare fashion gems.

So it was no surprise to me when I walked into the 25th Street Goodwill to find the most fabulous ‘80s-inspired, leopard-print faux-wrap-around skirt with an elastic waistband. I had only $7 left in my shopping budget for the month—and not to mention that the Friday before, I had spent a whopping (for me) $80 at the downtown Brooklyn Goodwill.

Confessions of a Thriftaholic

I picked the skirt off the rack, examined the stitching and size, then slowly placed it back, telling myself to exercise self-control—even if the skirt was only $5. To distract myself, I walked around the small store trying on scarves—in the middle of May, my jaws slack in the sorrow of my decision to abandon my find. How could I not mourn the loss of beautiful, figure-flattering skirt that I could wear with my sheer dolman top and my lace bra underneath?

I walked around the Goodwill in complete desperation till I finally decided to leave.

Don’t judge me on the next part of this story. The next day (Sunday), I had made plans to have brunch with a close friend of mine on her way out of the city, but instead I woke up with the worst case of vertigo. My head was throbbing, my equilibrium was off, and I teetered off the bed into a Sunday morning drowning in sweat. I canceled brunch and decided to walk it off.

Long story short, my short, head-clearing walk found me hopping on the 2 train to 42nd Street, then walking to 25th Street. I had to find and buy that skirt. All types of nightmarish ideas came to me. What if another smarter girl had picked it up and taken it home? What if I couldn’t find it anymore? What if the Goodwill had disappeared into thin air—the universe’s way of tamping my sometimes- OCD shopping habits and desires!

As I walked and thought of the ways I could wear the leopard-print skirt—with a cute little strappy sandal, or some rad and trendy flatforms, I was inspired. My headache started to fade, replaced by that second wind a thriftinista gets when she is about to get a piece of inspiring, exhilarating fashion for an almost-literal steal.

The girl at the counter looked at me and smiled; she knew I was here for the skirt, her eyes saying, “I knew you’d be back.” I ran to the middle rack to find it hanging where it had been waiting for me the day before. I paid my 5 bucks (plus tax) and walked out with my accomplishment!

There is nothing like the pleasure of the thrift. It’s with pride that I can tell you: My name is Chrislande and I am a thriftaholic. I live off of the thrill of an inspired piece, especially if it’s a bargain!

That was one of my favorite shopping experiences. What are yours? Has fashion ever cured any of your pesky headaches? Sound off!