Content Series: Three Cheap (or Free!) Beauty Tricks

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Nobody wants to spend a bundle on their beauty routine right now, and you don’t have to. There are three key ingredients to a healthy, glowing daytime look—great skin, pretty lips, and an all-over kiss of color. Here’s how:

Lip Plumper. While some lip plumping products are relatively inexpensive, they also don’t always work. Save yourself the trouble (and cash) and purchase some cinnamon oil instead (according to beauty expert Diane Irons, the oil brings the blood to the lips for temporary—about four hours’ worth—of plumping). Slick on a little lip gloss or balm for shine. NOTE: BE SURE to dab a little of the cinnamon oil in less visible place first, however, to check for allergies, and wait 24 hours .

Glowing Cheeks. Rather than buying sixteen different products for eyes, cheeks, lips, etc., pick up one that’s meant to cover all your bases, like an all over color stick! Or don’t even bother buying something new—repurpose an old pink, rose, or peach lipstick (depending on your preference and skintone) and dab with fingers like a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks (blending well, of course).

Moisturized Skin. We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s sooo budget friendly that we couldn’t leave it out— petroleum jelly is one of our favorite budget beauty products, and in this case we’re talking about as a skin moisturizer. We all know it’s great for rough elbows, knees and heels, but it’s also hard to beat as a heavy-duty facial moisturizer—smooth it on all your wrinkle prone areas (avoiding oily areas, like the t-zone, depending on your skin) at night, and wake up with super smooth skin. Seriously. (It’s also great for removing stubbon eye-makeup . . . )




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  1. anita gupta says

    the tips given to enhance the beauty are quite great.Also the budget is kept in mind which is one of the most important thing without compromising with quality.

  2. says

    Any book or course regarding essential oils will always have a warning when it comes to cinnamon oil, and will have the suggestion to never put it straight on your skin as it can cause serious burning. Putting it straight on the sensitive skin of your lips could cause you to have burned, blistered lips rather than the plumpness you’re looking for! While a less obvious place to test is smart, it may not match the same sensitivity of that of your lips and you could still wind up with burns and blisters. I would always suggest mixing the cinnamon oil with something else — lip balm, petroleum jelly, jojoba or sweet almond oil, etc… — just like a commercial lip plumper and then do a test for sensitivity.

  3. says

    I’m a long-time devotee of Vaseline, but recently I’ve switched to Aquaphor. It’s water-based and does better for my chapped lips than petroleum jelly. Give it a try!

  4. Marian the Librarian says

    I don’t believe in putting petroleum products on my skin. One doctor told me that if you can eat a fat, you can put it on your skin. So only vegetable or animal based oils for me.

  5. Debbie says

    I read a book by a famous dermatologist about skin care – because I am getting older and concerned about my skin, I wanted to get the facts of what really works, and bypass the b.s. The DR said that petroleum jelly will clog your pores and will absolutely not help your skin. I say, you only have one skin and people look at your face all the time, to me, its worth to spend money on something that works. The DR also said if you use something and you do not see a result then it’s the products fault – switch the product. Good Luck ladies in lookin good!

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