Threads for Thought: Green Fashion


Whether you’re a blonde or brunette, we’ve got you covered (sorry red heads!) with these sassy graphic tees from Threads for Thought, a brand created to provoke reflection and discussion about critical issues in today’s world, such as the environment, Africa and world conflict.

Brunettes, keep cool while maintaining a sense of humor in this ocean colored t-shirt that reads “Brunettes not fighter jets.”

Blondes aren’t to be upstaged when they flaunt this plum colored Blondes Not Bombs tee.

Each tee has a slim fit and is made of one hundred percent organic cotton in the United States. Both are available online at Tobi for $44. (Psst…look for the Eco-Tobi section of the website!)

Threads for Thought supports three internationally recognized organizations: International Rescue Committee; the Natural Resources Defense Council; and ENOUGH, a project to end genocide and crimes against humanity. Threads for Thought donates a portion of total sales to each of these extremely effective organizations!

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