Think Outside the Pot: DIY

Unique planters are a great way to add color and interest to your deck, porch, patio or backyard. Planters can also provide a lush garden for people who don’t have a backyard or who rent. But have you been to your local garden store lately? Planters can cost you from $20 to $80 a piece. Yikes.

Don’t worry. We have some fabulous ways for you to make and decorate planters, so you can add color and interest to your garden for less.

Finding the perfect planter
Pots can be found anywhere. Ask friends if they have extras, go to garage sales and thrift stores. Often you can find gardening pots and planters for cheap. Don’t worry about style or color. Those can be changed with a little paint. Just find what fits your budget.

If you have a little money to spend, check out your local discount grocery store for pots and planters. Often, these stores carry seasonal items. And while your best bet is to stock up on these items in the fall when they are on final clearance, you can still find them for reduced prices. Check out your local Costco, Sam’s Club, and Aldi for some great deals. Also, never forget the Dollar Tree or Dollar General.

Think outside the pot
Often, the most interesting and unique planters were never originally intended to hold plants. Look for old tool boxes, metal bowls, buckets, pails, crates, chairs, tea pots, the sky’s the limit. Martha Stewart has a list of unique and budget-friendly planters, here And the DIY Network shows you how to create a planter in an old toolbox, here.

All you need to do to turn an ordinary item into a planter is to drill a hole in the bottom of the object to help with drainage. Make sure you use the right drill bit. Using the wrong bit can snap your drill bit and ruin your drill. Here is a link that helps you discover which bit is right for your job.

Set your unique planter on gravel to help with drainage, or if you are using it inside the house, set it on a plate filled with small pebbles or grit.

Paint you pots
Once you’ve gathered together a collection of pots and planters, it’s time to get to work. Painting your pots is a great way to create a stylish cohesive look for your garden. Although your pots and planters may come in many different shapes and sizes, painting them a similar color will unite the look.

For a modern look, paint your pots in bright metallic colors. For a more weathered look use crackle paint. Create a whitewashed look by using a wet rag to wipe white paint over your pots. Save some money by using the paint you already have in your house.

Plant the seeds
Plant anything in your pots from annuals to herbs and beyond. You can find cheap potting soil, seeds and plant food at your local Dollar Tree. Stretch your money by mixing potting soil with soil from your own backyard. The results will be the same, beautiful plants.

Consider growing vegetables in some of your planters. Or if you like sitting outside in your garden, plant Rosemary, Marigolds or Catnip, all are natural mosquito repellents.

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