10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday

With Black Friday just around the corner, stores are putting out amazing discounts.  Amazing discounts, yes.  The best discounts you can possibly get?  Not necessarily.  In fact, the best deal you get on Black Friday may be to hold off on buying until after the holidays.  Based on historical trends and data, our friends at dealnews.com put together a list of 10 things NOT to buy on Black Friday this year.

1. Toys


2. Top-Brand TVs

3. 2012 Calendars

4. Christmas Decorations

5. Jewelry

6. The North Face Denali Jacket

7. Roku 2 XS

8. Game Console without a Bundled Item

9. Winter Apparel

10. Watches

Do you agree with this list?  Have you waited until after Black Friday to purchase something for less?


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  1. says

    Great list. I definitely agree with the calendars. In fact, I usually wait to get calendars during that same year. I’ve found that a lot of retailers are practically giving away calendars when purchased during that year. In fact, I’ve gotten a couple free calendars this way from Staples.

  2. Marian the Librarian says

    You really have to pay attention all year to what things cost so that you know when you see a good markdown. The main reason I can see to shop early in the Christmas season is for better selection, not prices. Most things are not the cheapest Thanksgiving-Christmas Eve.

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