Thigh High Boots: Fashion Trend 2008

What: Thigh-high (or “over the knee”) is suddenly the boot style du jour, though it seems to be more celeb- than runway-inspired (if you saw Carrie Underwood rocking a pewter pair on New Year’s Eve, you know what we’re talking about).

What we say: We’re trying to think practically, and we suppose thigh-highs are infinitely warmer than their ankle-hugging bootie cousins, but that’s where the practicality ends. For the fashion-adventurous, you’ll definitely look on trend in something over-the-knee—to be up to date, wear them for day with slim jeans and a belted tunic sweater. If you’re still not sure, never fear—we’re thinking all the other boot silhouettes we’ve seen of late will serve you just as well (and keep you sufficiently stylish) well into 2008. If you’re not quite ready for thigh-high but want something with a little bit of heat, I recently picked up a pair of these patent look knee-high stacked-heel boots at Payless, on clearance now for just $17.99.


boots shown by MIA, at for $92.99; can be worn over the knee, cuffed, or scrunched.


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  1. mezamashii says

    I have a pair of thigh-high boots I just love-

    When getting thigh-highs you have to be careful they are very soft & flexible otherwise you can’t sit down!

    Also, I wanted to give you a heads up that I listed you on my blog today. 

    Happy 2008!

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