The Fashionable Dog: Hip Dog Collars

There is a war of epic proportions brewing in my quiet Northern New Jersey neighborhood. This war has nothing to do with ethnic conflicts, economic inequalities or prime off street parking. This war is battle between those with dogs and those without dogs. And it’s starting to get ugly.

Nowhere is this conflict more visible than at our local neighborhood park. Head there on a Sunday afternoon and you’ll see a clear divide amongst the residents of our neighborhood. The cool dog owners frolic throughout most of the park with their dogs running around like Wyle E. Coyote, while their fearful, allergic, or just plain self-centered dogless neighbors rush through the part dodging the occasional pile of dog poop. Neither speaks to each other, except at heated neighborhood association meetings.

So, in today’s entry I feature this hot dog collar ($50, Angela Moore) as a peace offering to my dog-loving neighbors. Purchase the handmade matching lead and your dog will be the most stylish one at the dog run.

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