The Fake Debate: You Weigh In


When I posted my thoughts on fake Louis Vuitton bags and tips for telling if your bag was fake, I had no idea the amount of debate I would stir up. Apparently the issue of fake bags has really touched a chord with shoppers, designers, retailers, and fashionistas around globe. On one side, we have the designers and fans of the products who feel that fakes dilute the brand by allowing “common” folks the ability to carry the bag. On the other side, we’ve got shoppers and wanna-be-wealthy people who want the perceived status of the bag without paying the price. Then there’s people like me, who feel that you should buy neither—instead buying a really good handbag from a mid to lower priced designer like Coach, Cole Hahn or Dooney and Burke and putting the rest in your 401k.

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  1. says

    like your website. I also think you are right on track with your comments. You shouldn’t buy knock-offs because someone’s intellectual property (the design, at least) is at stake, but it is ridiculous to charge hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars for a so called “it” bag that will be out of fashion in a moment and is made up of about $10 worth of materials. 

    These so called designer bags with sky-high prices are not meant for the average person, they’re for celebrities who will show them off at awards shows and in magazines, and they are essentially advertising for the product. Any person who think a handbag makes them “cool” is welcome to spend their rent money on them—but in truth I think they look only like poor copies of their celebrity idols. True style comes from knowing what suits you and wearing it with panache, even if it’s from a discount store.

    PS;  your fashion week comments were a hoot!  I have just started writing about Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2006 on my blog Askalisonadvicesistersblog: and my experience pretty much mirrors yours.

    (good job)!!!

  2. Loves Chanel says

    Living in NYC, I personally love the image.  All that’s needed is one top designer bag and a pair or two of top designer shoes.  Wearing these, you can look like a million dollar fashionista even wearing clothing from H&M or Target. 

    I was a leading businesswoman before I retired and I can tell you that what I wore really made a difference—if I looked successful and carried the right brands, I was more likely to get the business.  The image of success breeds success.

    I detest fake bags not because they are diluting a brand, but because they look fake and I agree with the other writers that given who you are, people will know it’s fake.  In my opinion, the only people who can get away with a fake bag is someone who has a bunch of authentic bags and wears the fake one mixing them up with the real ones.  In other words, only the wealthy can get away doing this. 

    But, if the wearer feels better wearing a fake LV or Chanel than a DKNY or Kate Spade bag let her wear them.  In the end, it’s whatever makes us feel the best.

  3. MarcJacobsLover says

    I would never wear a knock-off designer handbag.  I must agree with you, Budget Fashionista, that’s it’s better to get a well-made mid-priced bag than a knock-off.  That said, I have a horrible handbag addiction.  I recently got over my Marc Jacobs handbag compulsion.  For those who crave the real thing, it is possible to get them at a more reasonable price.  Try Neiman Marcus, Saks and Scoop NYC when they are having their sales.  I don’t know about all designers but Marc Jacobs bags definitely go on sale.  You might end up buying something from last season, but it’s the real thing and it’s beautiful.  Also, eBay can be great but you have to be very careful.  If possible, I would check out the designer’s products you are interested in buying at an established store (like Neiman Marcus) prior to buying on eBay.  This way you can really examine the pictures and check for fakes.  And lastly, an “it” bag doesn’t make you cool or fashionable.  Having a sense of personal style and knowing what looks good on you will always make you look like a million!

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