The Fake Debate: Another Teen Weighs In


There was an overwhelming response to the fake debate topic (especially the essay by my friend Mel. B.).  Most of you supported the use of fakes, while only two people were against the trend of fake fashion. I encourage you all to weigh in your thoughts about the whole knock-off designer trend. You never know, I might post them in the blog, like this email from a teen who just happens to live in Texas.

I go to a private school where fashion is highly competitive, so you’d think that people would scorn you if you walked on campus with a fake, right?  Wrong! At my school, it’s not about who you’re wearing, it’s how you wear it.  This means many different pieces need to be used in lots of different ways.  I love fake purses because you can instantly change moods, which is great for a teen. When I’m feeling girly I can use my pink quilted Chanel, and when I’m feeling a little more Mischa Barton, I can just switch to my oversized, studded See by Chloe bag.  And, the total price of these two bags didn’t even make a dent in my birthday money.

As for the argument that fakes are wrong because they take business away from designers, I don’t think that’s actually true.  Let’s face it, a person who’s going to spend $30 on a fake is not going to spend upwards of $1000 on the real thing, so the designer never lost any money in the first place. In fact, the designer is getting free advertising!

At a time where the quality of fakes is getting increasingly better, I believe it will become more and more acceptable to carry around a fake. From a teenager’s perspective, it certainly makes much more sense to buy many fakes than to purchase one real designer bag, especially since teens are very prone to losing things. Also, designers should take it as a compliment that everyone wants a bag like theirs.

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