The Budget Fashionista Joins the Glam Network

We’ve recently partnered up with the folks over at the Glam, one of the largest fashion/shopping/lifestyle sites on the web, to bring more juicy news, features, and random celebrity gossip to you, my lovely readers.  I don’t care what Jessica Simpson had (or didn’t have) for lunch today, but I know that some of you do. Our partnership with Glam will allow me to bring that all important information to you, right on the left hand side of the blog.

Now, The Budget Fashionista continues to be written, and owned, by yours truly and this in no way impacts the quality and integrity of the site.  As many publicists will attest, I’m one tough cookie when it comes to being on the site. and although many have tried, you can’t PAY to be in a post.  I write about what I like, which happens to be a lot of things, and will not hold my tongue about the things I don’t like.

Also… I’ve just signed on to be a spokesperson for like one of MY favorite products in the entire world, Febreze. I’m working with Febreze because I used their products every week during my weekly “febreze”- when I go through the apartment squirting everything down- including Tobias.  So when they approached me it made sense and plus the thought of an Endless The Budget Fashionista Joins the Glam Network supply of febreze was just too much for my cleaning centered brain to handle. I’m already working on a post about the five fashion related ways I use Febreze.  Of course that means I’ll hook up my readers with a giveaway or two., so stay tuned.

More is to come…. working on something with a BIG TV network which will hopefully bring more shoptalk and a video component to life.

As always.. feel free to leave your opinion and thoughts..

Endless The Budget Fashionista Joins the Glam Network